Document Shredding News

Keep Your Wallet & Identity Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is among us! With all the hustle and bustle of gift buying, celebration and decoration, it can be easy to get caught up in the holidays. One thing many people don’t consider during the holidays (and who can blame them) is the increased risk of identity theft, and of theft in general. [. . . Read More]

Get Serious About Data Security; Use Onsite Shredding Services

If your business is already using a professional shredding service, you likely already know of the vital security enhancements that your office receives with regular shredding services. The highly advanced shredding machines used by real professional shredding services outperform office shredding machines in speed and capacity, and ensure that documents are destroyed in such a [. . . Read More]

Are You Doing Everything To Reduce Your Risk Of Data Breach?

Many office managers understand the importance of good information management practices. Taking some precautions to reduce the risk of information breach can mitigate risk and liability in the unfortunate event of a data breach. While bigger companies tend to have more measures in place to keep information safe, smaller businesses are usually more likely to [. . . Read More]

Shredding & Legal Obligations – The Bills You Need To Know About

It’s known among the shredding industry that many businesses maintain legal obligations that can be fulfilled through the use of a professional shredding service. But what is less known is exactly what specific bills contain laws that can be satisfied through the use of a professional shredding service. What’s more, many businesses don’t even realize [. . . Read More]